Feb 2018

10 reasons why dinner dates are the backbone of healthy relationships.



These days wheneveryone is busy in work, family and social commitments it is difficult to takeout an hour for dinner date with your significant one and especially when youhave to do planning of perfect dinner date, venue, meal, arrangements and whatnot to make your loved one feel special.

But then we cannotignore the fact that that “Couple whicheats together, stay together”. Thepoint is to relax and share time together over food and drinks that aremutually pleasing. The situation lends itself to conversation, and you are ableto get to know each other more deeply.

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Since now when itis no more a stress and storm situation so we can focus on the benefits ofdinner date in a healthy relationship.


1] Believe it or not when it comes toeating few people are very conscious in eating in front of people. Hence it isimportant to ensure that your partner is comfortable and enjoys his/her mealswith you.

2] I have nevermet someone who doesn’t enjoy ingesting a solid meal with a solid company asmeal with your specific one automatically turns out to be therapeutic: an excuse to talk, toreflect on the day, and on recent events.

3] Though eatingtogether is a 45 minutes task but generally ends up in flipping from normalcurrent political discussions to serious life affecting topics.

4] Your dayrevolves around three meals, so to be able to coordinate one with anotherperson — well, that says a lot about what's important to you. As hectic as yourschedules can be, dinner is the one thing you reserve for each other.

5] When we tryto know person 1st thing we should observe is how he/she treatsstaff people whether his/her own staff or random staff of a restaurant.

Remember: A person who isnot nice to wait staff is NOT a nice person.

6] No matter howridiculous your schedules become, you will always need to eat. This gives youboth a great excuse to take a break from reality to enjoy a meal together.

7] You may not agree on much, but you candefinitely agree over what appetizers to split. Themore the merrier, especially when it comes to food. You may have doneabsolutely nothing exciting all day, but that doesn't mean your night has tosuck too.

Dinneris a great excuse to do something fun.

8] It's fartoo easy to be comfortable in your relationships. You've traded in your niceroutfits for sweats and fancy shoes for sneakers. Dressing up gives you anexcuse to look good for each other

Sometimes it'snice to just have a dressy night and get that spark where it needs to be.

9]You can discuss things in a civilized manner. You want to havea difficult conversation without it getting out of hand?

Take that MATTER to a public place andcrisis averted.

10] Itbrings you back to the first date. Sometimes all it takes is a nice romanticdinner to bring you back. Because relationships are always better when youget as importance as it was the first time.

Am I right or am Iright? Hehe.


So what are youwaiting for go ahead and make your relationship even stronger. ALL THE BEST!

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